Erica Boyanova

The Magic Reality in The Paintings of Anthony Kirov

Anthony Kirov is an artist with a strong intuition. His creations have an original and artistic conception and move beyond conventional understanding of the world. The journey into the unknown starts from the material world. The objects of the artistic research are the intimate human relations, the beauty of the Nature, and the link between the material world and the world of the unconscious.

One of the artist's aims is to strive for perfection and harmony by creating a free flow of positive energies and vibrations between elements of the picture. The artist builds this effect through successful gradation between reality and abstraction linked with symbolic elements. His main means of expression are the bright intensive colors, dynamic composition, and an imaginative spirit. The warm and the cold colors are skillfully used in an endless play of gradation of tones or semitones. The artist creates dynamic compositions that are confronted and at the same time united with color and line.

The works of Anthony Kirov are full of love, harmony and optimism engineered by the faith of the free human spirit.