Lidia Vlahova

The Expressive Art of Anthony Kirov

. . .In the expressive artistic canvases which are filled with improvised lightness and with clear surreal illusions, the artist aims to accent the space-rhythm order in the frame's space, and thus to extract psychological and spiritual values from the texture of a restless or relaxing colorful spot.

. . .Beyond what we accept as a spontaneous idea is the desire of the artist to make the viewer accomplice with the ironic commentary of "the ghosts of the imagination." The mystery of human nature, lack of motivation, and the aggressiveness in diverse transformations and metamorphoses, the logical and illogical that surrounds us characterizes his works.

. . .The artist utilizes his will to extract maximum efficiency of the brilliant color harmonies. The vivid mixture of colors adequately reflects his momentary feelings and spontaneous impulse of the gesture, transform the rhythm and movement into the plastic structure of the space . . .