Letter From Francois Mitterrand

In 1994 a painting of Anthony Kirov became a possession of the president of France Francois Mitterrand. On the left is the letter of gratitude from the president to the artist, and below is the translation.


“Dear Mr. Kirov:

The ambassador of France in Bulgaria presented me the painting that was confined to me. I am very impressed by your concept as a symbol for the friendship between our two nations. Please accept my best feelings and regards.


Francois Mitterrand”

Byron Coleman

“...Anthony Kirov is a figure painter whose oils combine elements of the Byzantine with synthetic cubism and comic book realism. Employing brilliant stained glass-like color in a kaleidoscopic manner, Kirov makes the subject of romantic love simultaneously quaint and iconic in paintings such as “Umbrella for Tow” and “Bench for Two”.”

Erica Boyanova

The Magic Reality in The Paintings of Anthony Kirov “Anthony Kirov is an artist with a strong intuition. His creations have an original and artistic conception and move beyond conventional understanding of the world. The journey into the unknown starts from the material world. The objects of the artistic research are the intimate human relations, the beauty of the Nature, and the link between the...”

Lidia Vlahova

The Expressive Art of Anthony Kirov “. . .In the expressive artistic canvases which are filled with improvised lightness and with clear surreal illusions, the artist aims to accent the space-rhythm order in the frame's space, and thus to extract psychological and spiritual values from the texture of a restless or relaxing colorful spot.”